St Paul of the Cross feast day & memorial

An explanation of the feast dates of the memorial of St Paul of the Cross

On the website, Father Michael Hoolihan CP kindly gave me an excellent explanation for the feast dates for the memorial of St Paul of the Cross. Here is his explanation:

"Comment by Fr. Michael Hoolahan CP :
Dear Glenn,
The original date for the celebration of St. Paul's feast was April 28th. When I joined the Passionists in 1954 we celebrated on this date. After the Vatican Council the saints celebrations were transferred if possible to the date of their deaths. For Paul that was October 18th. However, this was the feast of Saint Luke. Therefore the universal church chose October 19th. This is the date that it is currently celebrated. However, in the USA the bishops required the celebration of the North American martyrs. Therefore, the US Passionists asked to celebrate the feast on October 20th in the USA.
Hope that clears it up. fr. Mike Hoolahan CP"

So, the universal Church feast (memorial) of St Paul of the Cross is celebrated worldwide on October 19th. In the USA it is celebrated on October 20, because of the memorial of the North American Martyrs on the 19th.

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